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Reversing Diabetes & Heart Disease

6 Months To Change Your Health & Life!

Did you know YOU have the power to change YOUR health?

Did you know many people with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight issues have the power to improve their conditions by balancing stress, blood sugar AND insulin?

DM 2 and Heart Disease are diseases of lifestyle. When you learn the science behind them, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, learn how to control insulin, leptin, grehlin, uric acid and more, learn how to manage your stress, gather your strengths, know your WHY, and have a team of people guide and support you on your journey of health transformation… you can’t help but be successful.

Does this sound too good to be true?
It's not!

Health is easy. Disease is complicated!

Reversing diabetes and heart disease is possible.

It takes Commitment. 

It takes Effort. 

It’s a journey that will TRANSFORM your life! 



This 6 month program includes:
1. Three clinical appointments with Bronwyn over a 6 month period. ($500)
Lab testing (CBC, CMP, A1C, Vit D, Lipids, DNA food test) ($800)
Enjoying Nature

4. Resilience and EQ training

2. Food programs to suit YOUR body/DNA

3. Life & Health Coaching

Notice and overcome obstacles

Character strengths


Menu planning

Learning how to buy and prepare foods

Label reading

Understanding the science

Movement for YOUR body

And more...

Mind-body skills for awareness, resilience, stress management, meditation, quieting and listening in the moment…

How does this work?
  1. Discovery call with Bronwyn (make sure you’re a good fit)

  2. Make a decision, a commitment…

  3. Get your labs completed (Insurance or out of pocket expense. You will have labs done 3 times total)

  4. Complete all the preliminary paperwork (We do research with this program)

  5. Meet weekly for the first 6-8 wks then 3x a month for a total 6 months. Classes are 90 mins.

  6. Be at every class, every week. Classes are online and in person.

  7. Be prepared to get yourself involved. This is for you. Participation is YOUR key to success! You will be pared with an accountability buddy.

  8. Do YOUR Homework!

Program Cost: $2600
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