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How to Stop Over EATING

How to manage good eating habits for life.

In this 8-week program, you will become intimately involved in your own health and well-being. You'll learn how your brain operates. How and why it keeps you safe, comfortable and stuck! We'll talk about hormones, habits, how to change and why it's so hard.  I'll help you see how your thoughts create your emotions and how those drive your actions/behavior, your over doing. You really do have control over your mind and your life. At the end of this class you will Feel Better! You will stop Over Using.

One hour a week for 8 weeks $350, bring a friend for free!

Classes start often. Call 719-207-4083 for details. You do not need to be patient of the practice to participate in coaching programs.

  • Reveal your problems and struggles in an honest and complete way.

  • Categorize and identify the true source of all problems.

  • Learn how to feel instead of reacting, avoiding or dulling your emotions.

  • Learn how to manage your thinking.

  • Take emotional responsibility by living as an emotional adult.

  • Constrain and simply your life.

  • Honor yourself by deciding ahead of time.

  • Choose joy over pleasure.

  • Set proper boundaries, drop manuals, love unconditionally.

  • Achieve your desires results with massive action.

WARNING: Joining this class, you have decided to commit yourself to deep introspection for 8 weeks. This class will change you. You will have lots of homework. You will work hard. The results, will be amazing. You will be a different person at the end of this program!

That being said, please be fully committed before you sign up.  Cost— $350, bring a friend for free! Use FRIEND in promo box

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